Paul has written a few feature stories for Creative Review:

The big ‘O’: could one letter be the secret to brand success?

Could the key to naming a top brand be as simple as using an ‘O’ as the second letter? asks Paul Harpin of brand consultancy Harpin & Waring. Surely not?!

Auto Focus

Car photography is a world – and culture – of its own. Paul Harpin, who designed the first TopGear magazine, compares some of his early encounters with Porkers, Bimmers and a young Jeremy Clarkson with the techniques used today by the best in the business

Buy Fonts Save Lives

The fundraising initiative whereby type designers are helping to save lives in the fight against cancer was inspired by Paul Harpin’s harrowing personal experience, as he explains here

You can read about Geoff’s independent magazine launch here:

How to create a magazine

This story originally appeared in the Association of Photographer’s Image magazine.

Geoff talks to The United Nations of Photography, about art direction and photography here:

Photography a visual language: the commissioned document Part one

Photography a visual language: the commissioned document Part two

And… Patrick Burgoyne wrote a piece in Creative Review about Paul’s new type foundry — the London Type Foundry:


New type foundry launches with twelve fonts inspired by the capital, its buildings, language and traditions

And… Paul was interviewed for MagCulture about his love of magazines and his early career:

Issues: Paul Harpin of Harpin & Waring talks to Hope Brotherton

Paul Harpin has been responsible for the design of over 300 magazines as creative director at publishers including Haymarket, Redwood, Centaur and Times magazines in Singapore. Now he’s gone back to his roots — design consultancy — with a new design studio with Geoff Waring, and is also a partner in the London Type Foundry.